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> Doesn't happen on my LG gram from 2021.

I can confirm that on my LGGram 2021.

> 1. I didn't find any reports of this issue for the 2023 models. Did anyone?

I got a new LGGram *2023*, and yes, it DOES happen there too. (And yes, I have
a 2022 LGGram as well.)

> I believe that we need either a Linux Kernel patch or a BIOS update, but
> there doesn't seem to be any updates to the BIOS of the 2022 lined up of LG
> Gram.

Fat chance! I spent a lot of time w/LG support on the phone, and their canned
reply is always: "this computer is for WINDOWS ONLY. Linux need not apply!"

> 2. How can we get this fixed? Who can save us!?

Same workarounds: upon reboot (1) mask gpe0x6E, and (2) unload the
int3403_thermal module. That does it for both my LGGrams 2022 and 2023. This
can be elegantly done via a systemd service.

Note that, in my experience, unmasking gpe0x6E some time after reboot (as some
have suggested) triggers the ACPI storm back on, so I prefer to leave it
masked. I have not noticed any issues from any of these two workarounds.

Alternatively, you could go back to Windows! :-)

> 3. Are there any workarounds that can be programmatically applied?

See above.

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