As much effort is going into the whole activation thing, why not just ship
it with a bloody dongle already.
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If you have any kind of a complex environment, you'll find volume activation
to be very frustrating indeed:
1. The KMS service can't support more than one key, so if you have Longhorn
VL clients in your environment you have to put up a second KMS
infrastructure for them.
2. You can't (rather, shouldn't) use autodiscovery If you do have both LH
and Vista.  The KMS client can't distinguish between a KMS with LH and a KMS
with Vista, and there's nothing in the client that says "oh, I hit a KMS but
it has the wrong key so try again immediately" so ~50% of a client's
activation attempts will fail. 
3.  Autodiscovery isn't practical if you have more than a few forests that
don't trust the forest your KMS is in. All admins of the untrusted forests
must manually register the _vlmcs record in their forest to find the KMS. 
...the list goes on. (I haven't even mentioned the practical aspects of
volume activation in a lab or firewalled environment.) It's not a
fully-baked solution.
Depending on your environment, it might be easier to scrap the whole
autodiscovery, create a DNS CNAME with a couple of KMS behind it, stuff the
FQDN in the KMS client's registry if you have a standard build, and
fugeddaboutit :-). 

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KMS runs on Vista (now), will run on Longhorn when Longhorn is released, and
will also run on Win2K3 as soon as we finish making the Win2K3 install. :-) 


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> Nope, I've done it web based.  At the present time there are
> two kinds of keycodes up on MVLS.. one that wants a KMS, the
> other that will phone home to Redmond automatically. 
> Have your MVLS folks request the other type of key is my 
> understanding how this will work for now.  The KMS type won't
> be out until Longhorn.
> KMS activations will have to phone home to your servers twice a year. 
> Brian Cline wrote: 
> >
> > I was testing out the RTM of Vista Enterprise last night
> and noticed I
> > didn't have to enter a key at any point during the install. When
> > Windows tried to activate, it told me there was a DNS error, so I 
> > suspected it looks for a local activation server by default. Sure
> > enough, in the DNS cache was a lookup for a nonexistent 
> > Upon further research, it appears Microsoft 
> > has not released KMS yet, and I couldn't find any option to
> activate
> > directly with Microsoft. For the moment, is telephone 
> activation the
> > only option?
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