> init scripts (the one area one might conceivably have trouble, if 
> someone gets sloppy) shouldn't be using bashisms anyway (we're aiming
> to be POSIX-conformant, no?). And it's during that boot process where
> we're going to see the real benefit of doing this - especially on the
> older machines we're looking to support.

Correct on both accounts.  My concern is more with root's default login
shell being /bin/sh.  I do not know how well dash would be tolerated as
the interactive shell for administrating Adélie.

Sure, we could default root to bash, but then we require bash (instead
of just suggesting bash).

> It's not as though we would be sacrificing bash or zsh as the user 
> shell.

Except that's exactly what we're doing, for root.

> Think how much of an improvement would be seen on a Pentium MMX 
> ThinkPad.

Oh, definitely.  OpenRC was the slowest part of booting Foxtoo on the
Pentium/100 laptop, way before Adélie even had its name.

> It's an invisible change if you're using a modern machine, 

unless you are root,

> but people still getting mileage out of older hardware will 
> appreciate it.

It isn't just people with older hardware:


Some Alpine users want dash as /bin/sh too.

So again: I don't have a problem offering the option, but I really do
not want to make it the default until we have an answer for root.

All the best,

A. Wilcox (awilfox)
Project Lead, Adélie Linux

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