The test was conducted with:

  *   21 2x2 802.11ac laptops with Intel client cards and running Windows.
  *   34 802.11n laptops, a mix of 2x2 and 3x3, also with Intel client cards 
and running Windows.
  *   The APs were tested at 5GHz, and clients were operated manually for all 
the tests.
In addition to video streaming, we also benchmarked performance in this 
environment, getting just over 90Mbps average aggregate throughput across 55 
clients (1.6-2Mbps per client). The maximum CPU utilization was noted at <~50% 
throughout, so the APs were not CPU limited. The traffic was streamed unicast 
to all clients simultaneously.
The desks were arranged in a semi-circular shape in 4 rows from the Access 
Point, each desk had 4 laptops placed about a foot apart from each other. Each 
row was 3 feet away from the next, the layout being a rough approximation of a 
classroom. RSSI of between -42dB and -55dB was noted across the room, with 
relatively low noise floor
The test used a 10 minute AVI file (~156MB sized)
Each video playback was monitored manually, and the operators would mark the 
quality based on whether playback had any freeze, missing frames, or stutters. 
6 or more instances of such errors resulted in the client being marked as 
failed the test

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