Speaking for myself here, I don’t really make money by building commodity 

Switches are so low cost, integrating it into the system would be preferable 
than spinning one from the ground up.  Not only do you have a chip set that is 
arguably somewhat obsolete as soon as it is released but then you have a whole 
layer of software to support.  

A switch would certainly be easier in both respects since it is pretty much a 
canned solution from the ap note on up, but unless it makes me a bunch of 
money, I know my time is better spent trying to come up with novel solutions 
that do not currently exist.  

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I have a preference for a switch that works. 

My challenge has always been to find a chipset I trust which is fairly easy to 
integrate, is obtainable, and is available in industrial temperature range.   
Over the years I've looked at numerous chipsets and have never found any that I 
would feel comfortable to provide to my customers.  

The industrial temperature range issue was probably the biggest one since the 
vast majority of chipsets are only available in commercial range and I refuse 
to ship a product which contains chipset only rated down to freezing (there's a 
reason why we've never had any temperature related failures that we can 
recall).   Of the remaining chipsets, many of the manufacturers only sell to 
large-volume consumers.  They have no interest in doing business with an 
organization which doesn't do a million units of a product.

Well the never part was true until recently.   A trusted vendor of mine 
recently released a switch chipset with 5 Gigabit copper ports, 1 GBIC port, 
and 1 management port, and which seems to be able to be integrated well.   I 
need to spend some time with the eval board which is sitting here, but other 
things have taken priority.   

Over the last couple of months, we've pretty much finished all of the pending 
projects, and so I'm working on figuring out which of the partially started 
projects around here I need to pick up and run with.   There are some which are 
minimal work which will likely get done soon (i.e. producing medusa-compatible 
cambium sync products in various other form factors, and finishing a couple of 
i/o board which are basically done).

Of the rest, part of what I'm going to be listening to at WISPAMERICA is what 
people are needing.  I really don't want to build things people don't want, so 
I'm going to be listening as to what people are looking for.   I've got lots of 
ideas, just not sure how many of them are really of interest.

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  It would be awesome if you could ever develop products with switches inside, 
I know you have a (Cisco?) preference but other's dont.

  I would have purchased lots. I hate that I have to use a separate switch so 
we moved away from packetflux for new deployments.


  On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 11:48 AM, Forrest Christian (List Account) 
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    I'm assuming you mean includes switch+poe.

    I'm in the process of working on something specificaly for the 450i/450m 
with 5 ports and sync hardware all in one box (+1 SFP port), mainly designed 
for tower top mounting.   Not far enough along to say when it will ship, or 
even if it's ever going to see the light of day.

    Any other solution you look at, you should make sure that whatever solution 
you find will support at least 70W per port, and all 4 pairs.  Neither the 450i 
or 450m really care about polarity, unless you're doing sync, and then only on 
the 450i since the 450m does the new cambium sync only.

    If you can live with separate poe box, of course the packetflux 
powerinjector+sync powers 450m's really well.  There will be a version which 
does medusa sync out sometime soon, it's a sure thing, just we don't know 
timing yet.

    On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 5:07 AM, Tyson Burris <t...@franklinisp.net> wrote:

      Good morning, 

      Looking for an all in one, but reliable, power source for 4 - 450m aps 
per tower. 

      I have heard netonix a few times but I have also heard about some issues 
with these devices and their support not being that great. 

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