That's their retail price.  You can do much better on a wholesale agreement
- price will probably depend on your quantity.  We got in real early and
got a very good price that may not be available anymore.

As for tech headaches:  yes we have autodiscover set up and that catches a
lot.  The biggest headaches are the uber-non technical that are afraid to
do anything without "professional guidance" (we use that term loosely
around here) or hacked/disabled accounts that need a password reset.

We use Google Apps internally and I love Gmail - was considering switching
to G (before they pulled the plug on the ISP edition).  I polled some
customers about it and we had more than a few customers that were concerned
with Google getting in their pants.


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> looks like around 2
> bucks now
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> wrote:
>> What is the pricing for rackspace email?

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