That definitely makes it easier when there is no expectation of providing the 
email service .... in most I dealt with, their competition was doing it so 
there was a certain competitive obligation to do so .... 

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    On 2/23/18 8:22 AM, Paul Stewart wrote:
    > +1 on that … good systems go a long ways to reduce support calls.  I’d 
    > also support another response that says it gets better with scale – if 
    > you have hundreds of users vs 10’s or 100’s of thousands then 
    > perspective on this can change quite a bit especially if you’re 
    > outsourcing.  Every ISP I’ve ever worked for or consulted with ran their 
    > own email infrastructure mainly because it’s an expected service from 
    > the ISP and because of “scales of economy” where they already had staff 
    > in place to support other server related infrastructure and email was a 
    > part of that.
    I've been running an email service since like 2005-ish. It pretty much 
    runs on autopilot at this point. But if I were starting today I wouldn't 
    bother, and I've never included or offered email with ISP services.

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