That worm coming out of the cricket was cringeworthy. Cymothoa exigua is 

It’s not the worm’s fault though it’s just living it’s joyful and pleasureful 
life to the fullest. And the cricket is being open and submissive.

I think there are nonphysical parasites that effect human beings... 
informational, replicating, mind controlling. Though evolution has endowed us 
with defenses with AGI we'll be easily manipulable. It will be able to 
construct particular sorts of mental knots and distributed knots and patterns 
to lock in thinking and use them I would hope in good ways. Skillful rulers and 
parties effectively use that and/or take advantage of it sometimes creating 
human zombies where independent thinking is punished. But if an AGI has no sort 
of higher authority why would it not utilize the ability to benefit only itself 
and a privileged elite few? Like the happy worm AGI could eventually embody 
itself in us instead of the vice-versa mind uploading people usually think 

To be congenial and symbiotic beings it might be easier to embrace our fate 
like the cricket and become willfully zombified. Isn’t it more efficient to 
have one mind thinking for everyone instead of many independent? Like having 
one totalitarian world government instead of many contending individuals? Saves 
energy, less pollution, less resources needed to power the overall 
intelligence. Instead of occupying static patterns we occupy manipulated 
because they or it knows what’s better and how to guide us for the benefit of 

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