What's that the LS-P2? yes it's actually more so. You can actually set the date and time yourself. Olympus finally contracted that british lady to say the numbers and things. I don't get why they d

idn't in the first place but oh well there it is. There's also the DM720 for consumers that is also as accessible.
On 12/21/2017 2:18 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Bob and list:  Is this particular recorder as accessible as the old DS-40 or
DS0-50 used to be; maybe more so?
Tom Kaufman

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The best unit to replace your old recorder is LS-P2 which you can read about
on the page:

The list price is shown as $179 but I'm sure that if you look around you
will find it cheaper.

Don't let the hype on the web page fool you.  This is a small unit that will
easily fit in a shirt pocket and is, for the most part, simple to use.
You'd better make that a shirt pocket with a button down flap because unless
you wrap the P2 in a tissue, it will slip out when you bend over. Better
still, buy a Gutman wind screen for it.

It is the replacement for the LS-14 and, like the LS-14, has voiced
menus.Bob Nelson

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Hello list:  Well it would seem that I have lost my good ole Olympus DS040
digital recorder!  I've looked all over in areas where I thought it might
be!  But alas, it just doesn't seem to be here!  I know that this series of
digital recorders don't exist anymore under DS-40 or DS-50!  But what is
Olympus making now that is the equivalent?  I used this recorder mainly to
record music gigs (I know it mainly is supposed to be a voice recorder) but
I found that it doesn't do bad for recording live music!  I also liked this
machine because of its size (small enough that I could just stick it in my
pocket) so assuming that I cannot locate the one I have, I'd surely love to
find a good replacement for it; I'd even go for the equivalent to the DS-50
(which might be even better; also would like to know where would be the best
place to find one here in the U.S.A.?


Tom Kaufman

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