Ah the 100. My favorite. The 1 I actually wanted but due to lack of dough got the 14. But there's goodness to the 14 that the 100 lacks. Mainly the smart mode. Love that feature. I forget now what else I'd add but there indeed are things about the 14 better over the 100. Ah I just remembered another 1 Neal pointed out. The Compressors only working on individual channals instead of boath at once. So let's say you have your 100 and 2 awesome Rode NT1-A mikes hooked. As I remember the problem if something goes loud on the left the compressor only compresses that channal. The other 1 stays the same. So there's that. I don't know if quick mode would be something for something like the 100. After all would the target audience for it use a quick out of the box just hit record and Olympus deals with the rest kinda mode? I would think those whom the 100 is aimed at would set their own leval as most will know about recording and apropiate levals. Now smart mode would come in handy cause you can't always predict what's gonna happen. Or if there's a particular situation where you don't know the right level. So yeah I wish they'd update the 100. Or make something like the Zoom H4 at least. Don't know if they would ever do something like the H6. Though that would be awesome as you can record with 6 mikes thus you get 5.1.

On 12/22/2017 4:34 PM, Aidan wrote:
Intresting, I wasn't aware that ls14 is gone. I'm glad I have one.
Well, don't forget there is hopefully stil the ls100 if its not gone
either. Although I think they will hang on to it for longer as its
their only multitrack option rite now.

On 22/12/2017, Hamit Campos <hamitcam...@gmail.com> wrote:
Ah yes then indeed the LS-P2 will do fine. I would also personally
recomend the now gone LS-14. But not sure how you could get this as
apparently Olympus doesn't sell it no more.

On 12/21/2017 3:46 PM, Merv Keck wrote:
I am actually looking to replace my DS 50 which is about fifteen years old
now and finally worn out. I really liked that model except for the hiss in
the recording. I am hoping to find something with equal or better sound
quality and equal accessibility. The LS P2 has been recommended to me on
multiple lists. I asked for something that was more than consumer level
recording. Since losing the rest of my vision I lost access to all the
really cool multitrack options that I know of out there.

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Sorry; I meant to say DM720!

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What's that the LS-P2? yes it's actually more so. You can actually set the
date and time yourself. Olympus finally contracted that british lady to
say the numbers and things. I don't get why they d

idn't in the first place but oh well there it is. There's also the DM720
for consumers that is also as accessible.
On 12/21/2017 2:18 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Bob and list:  Is this particular recorder as accessible as the old
DS-40 or
DS0-50 used to be; maybe more so?
Tom Kaufman

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The best unit to replace your old recorder is LS-P2 which you can read
about on the page:

The list price is shown as $179 but I'm sure that if you look around
you will find it cheaper.

Don't let the hype on the web page fool you.  This is a small unit
that will easily fit in a shirt pocket and is, for the most part, simple
to use.
You'd better make that a shirt pocket with a button down flap because
unless you wrap the P2 in a tissue, it will slip out when you bend
over. Better still, buy a Gutman wind screen for it.

It is the replacement for the LS-14 and, like the LS-14, has voiced
menus.Bob Nelson

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Subject: [all-audio] Looking For Equivalent to Olympus DS-40Recorder

Hello list:  Well it would seem that I have lost my good ole Olympus
DS040 digital recorder!  I've looked all over in areas where I thought
it might be!  But alas, it just doesn't seem to be here!  I know that
this series of digital recorders don't exist anymore under DS-40 or
DS-50!  But what is Olympus making now that is the equivalent?  I used
this recorder mainly to record music gigs (I know it mainly is
supposed to be a voice recorder) but I found that it doesn't do bad
for recording live music!  I also liked this machine because of its
size (small enough that I could just stick it in my
pocket) so assuming that I cannot locate the one I have, I'd surely
love to find a good replacement for it; I'd even go for the equivalent
to the DS-50 (which might be even better; also would like to know
where would be the best place to find one here in the U.S.A.?


Tom Kaufman

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