Ah well in either case the answer is still yes. the DM720 is the more consumerish music player thing of today. Where the P2 is part of the proish LS line. but yes it's quite accessable. Note that the DM I think still only goes up to DVD quality. Which is PCM 48 KHZ 16 bits. Only the LSs do 96 24 bits Blu-Ray quality.

On 12/21/2017 3:39 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Sorry; I meant to say DM720!

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What's that the LS-P2? yes it's actually more so. You can actually set
the date and time yourself. Olympus finally contracted that british lady
to say the numbers and things. I don't get why they d

idn't in the first place but oh well there it is. There's also the DM720
for consumers that is also as accessible.
On 12/21/2017 2:18 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Bob and list:  Is this particular recorder as accessible as the old DS-40 or
DS0-50 used to be; maybe more so?
Tom Kaufman

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The best unit to replace your old recorder is LS-P2 which you can read about
on the page:

The list price is shown as $179 but I'm sure that if you look around you
will find it cheaper.

Don't let the hype on the web page fool you.  This is a small unit that will
easily fit in a shirt pocket and is, for the most part, simple to use.
You'd better make that a shirt pocket with a button down flap because unless
you wrap the P2 in a tissue, it will slip out when you bend over. Better
still, buy a Gutman wind screen for it.

It is the replacement for the LS-14 and, like the LS-14, has voiced
menus.Bob Nelson

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Hello list:  Well it would seem that I have lost my good ole Olympus DS040
digital recorder!  I've looked all over in areas where I thought it might
be!  But alas, it just doesn't seem to be here!  I know that this series of
digital recorders don't exist anymore under DS-40 or DS-50!  But what is
Olympus making now that is the equivalent?  I used this recorder mainly to
record music gigs (I know it mainly is supposed to be a voice recorder) but
I found that it doesn't do bad for recording live music!  I also liked this
machine because of its size (small enough that I could just stick it in my
pocket) so assuming that I cannot locate the one I have, I'd surely love to
find a good replacement for it; I'd even go for the equivalent to the DS-50
(which might be even better; also would like to know where would be the best
place to find one here in the U.S.A.?


Tom Kaufman

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