Not to hand. But everything is available from the pull-down menus. There's a 
large list of keyboard commands as well. I suggest reading the VLC docs.

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Subject: Re: [all-audio] VLC crashing

Do you have a list of instructions on how to do these things?

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From: JM Casey
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2018 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] VLC crashing

I'm not sure about that. I use it to play DVDs and yes, it's very usable for 
that purpose. I particularly like how easy it is to select audio stream/tracks, 
subtitles and so on. I don't own any blue rays or a sophisticated sound 
system...just your average 2.1 stereo setup. I've got surround on the stereo 
but I never use it. Haha

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Sent: February 24, 2018 4:51 PM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] VLC crashing

Yeah I use VLC for internet radio. But also I found as long as you have 
something like Any DVD HD going in the background it's a verry accessible 
Blu-Ray player. Obviously DVDs too but I was amaised that it's about as easy as 
Windows Media Player use to be when it played DVDs. Thing is I don't know if 
VLC can handel UHD BD or the Dolby Atmos bit streams on said disks. If it can 
then so glorious.

On 2/24/2018 2:25 PM, JM Casey wrote:
> Hi.
> I have no idea, sadly. Maybe you should sign up to the VLC forum. 
> Someone there might be able to help, particularly if the crash report 
> contains some useful data (not sure if you can see a log or what). 
> I've never experienced this problem, but I generally only use VLC for 
> video files, and play one at a time. For music, I use winamp, although 
> I've been looking into foobar. Winamp still works great, though, and 
> you don't need to use the tab key for a single thing.
> I love VLC because it'll play any video format pretty much out of the 
> box. The preferences screen has some accessibility issues, I find.
> There are probably ways to fix this since the program, even the 
> interface, is so configurable. But I haven't really found any blind 
> expert VLC users to offer tips. A lot of people just get by fine using 
> it for simple things, but the kind of stuff I'm having problems doing 
> with it, like saving my own equalizer settings, are not intuitive and 
> it's pretty hard to get help. VLC is kind of one of those programs, 
> like Gimp, that has a certain amount of obscurity behind it. Haha
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> Peter Russillo
> Sent: February 24, 2018 2:14 PM
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> Subject: [all-audio] VLC crashing
> Hello, I've used VLC Media Player on my Windows 10 machine because I 
> like the ease of being able to easily go forward or backward through a 
> file without doing a lot of tabbing as with Windows Media Player; 
> however, every few files I listen to I get a message saying:  "VLC 
> crash reporting; oops, VLC Media Player has crashed; would you like to 
> send a crash report?" I tell it yes, and VLC plays as normal; I get 
> this message every two or three files I play; I've tried resetting 
> preferences, but that doesn't make that behavior go away; I use the 
> latest version, 3.0; what's the best accessible way to keep VLC from doing 
> the crash thing so much?
> Thanks for any tips or tricks for this.
> Peter Russillo


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