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> This is true.  But the phones are being overnighted to people starting
> today.  They have been "Dogfooding" it for a few weeks.   Why are the
> "Developers" the last to see it?    If this breaks apps, which it is certain
> to do, they are just further infuriating the Developers that are trying to
> make this a great platform.   If they continue I may just break down and buy
> a Mac.   At least with Apple you know where you stand... Generally under the
> foot of Jobs but at least you know it.

While I will not argue that we need to be better about getting SDKs out
earlier, for developers the changes in 2.1 are really not that significant.
 Pretty much all of the stuff (little that it was) that could impact
existing applications is already in 2.0.1.  2.1 adds some new APIs for
things like Live Wallpapers, but a little delay in being able to use those
won't harm anyone.

If it helps, 2.0.1 is actually a branch off of the 2.1 development with
various fixes from 2.0 that we desired for a maintenance release for Droid,
and the new APIs hidden because they weren't quite ready to be supported
yet.  Almost all of the work from 2.0.1 to 2.1 was related to new features
appearing on Nexus One.

Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

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answer them.
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