On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 10:03:59AM -0700, Stan Kaufman wrote:

> On one box I have tcl 8.3.3 installed generally, and on another 8.4.9 
> (as revealed by checking [info patchlevel] from tclsh). But I presume 
> that in both cases, aolserver is still using the tcl in its lib 
> directory, correct? Since [ns_info patchlevel] isn't implemented in 
> 3.3.1+ad13, is there some way to tell for sure which tcl aolserver is using?

If all you want to know is the Tcl version AOLserver is using, it's
trivially easy, just use the Tcl "info patchlevel" command from inside

> Anyway, if it is the case that aolserver is using its own version of 
> tcl, then the "tcl 8.3.x is the problem" theory wouldn't appear to stand.

All versions of AOLserver 3.3 REQUIRED and shipped with their own
special version of Tcl 8.3.x.  So unless you took very special steps
to make it do so, it's very unlikely that your AOLserver is using any
other version of Tcl.  I tried once to make AOLserver 3.3+ad13 use a
newer version of Tcl - I failed, and I never heard of anyone else
doing it either.

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