Like I said you are the only one making statements about personal qualities. 

Others have asked you to simply admit you made a mistake. But if you re-read 
my initial emails, I was focused on fixing the problem. I spent a number of 
hours researching the issue and writing code. I ran tests, I discovered a bug 
in the file contributed by Michael. We were working togeather to make the 
current code compatable with previous versions of AOLserver configuration 

But my testing revealed that the underlying C code no longer supported the 
previous features. Instead of apologies from the AOL team, or better: "oops! 
that isn't right, can you help fix it?", we were treated the new reality that 
the configuration method was going to be replaced with a magic oracle, that 
virtual servers might be ditched, and so on, so everything was okay, nothing 
needed to be changed. 

The apology was supposed to be for not communicating unilateral decisions to 
the community, not for continuing the problem. The response has been: sorry 
this is how we are going to do things, sorry you don't like it, sorry you 
didn't contribute enough to be included in the private discussion. 

Please explain how anyone can contribute if nothing is ever discussed? 

People contribute when they think they are part of the process, not to follow 
orders or write documentation for uncommented C code. 

What happened here is that one community member noticed that the old 
configuation parameters were not being used in version 4.5. A few of us 
instantly perked up realizing the significance of the issue. At first this 
looked like a big issue, but after reassurance from AOL developers and an 
initial analysis, it seemed easily fixed. I worked on a fix. Then I 
discovered the real issue. Was anyone on the AOL team happy to hear this? Did 
any of them even consider it a problem? Did any of them explain why it wasn't 
an issue, that I just simply do not know what I am talking about? Did any of 
them encourage me to contribute a fix? 

So I guess the answer to:

> --it's hard for me to see what you're
> actually trying to change or improve through your actions.

I would simply say: to fix the bug which is the subject of this thread. I 
don't think I was the one who veered off course to discuss other issues, to 
discourage any fixing, our just to go away if I didn't like the current code. 
I still wish to fix this, although I would need input and suggestions as a 
few API would require change, as would the Pool data structure. The Tcl API 
would remain unchanged, although it would be nice to be able to query the 
current maps, or test which threadpool would handle a given url.

tom jackson

On Friday 03 August 2007 09:40, Dossy Shiobara wrote:
> On 2007.08.03, Tom Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The only person who called anyone anything was Dossy, who called me a
> > griefer, based upon his definition of contribution and his perception
> > that he's done much more of it than I have.
> Sorry, I shouldn't have used a word that doesn't have a widely
> understood definition.  Wikipedia's definition is a pretty good starting
> point:
>     "A griefer is a slang term used to describe a player in an online
>     video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players
>     through harassment."
> A "griefer" is one whose goal for participation is to "cause grief" for
> other players.  I said you make me feel like you're being a griefer
> because your participation in this email thread has degenerated into
> telling everyone what they're doing wrong, inciting people with
> aggressive words, and complaining--it's hard for me to see what you're
> actually trying to change or improve through your actions.
> If you're frustrated at the project's progress, or my involvement with
> it, or anything else, and you feel the need to rant and complain, in
> order to put it behind you and start moving forward again, I'm okay
> with that.  However, I'd just ask you to consider whether you think it's
> appropriate for the mailing list, and if not, send it directly to the
> person you feel the need to complain to or rant at.
> Thanks,
> -- Dossy

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