On 2007.08.03, [EMAIL PROTECTED] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I used the phrase "I f***** up", which in my part of the world, at least,
> isn't considered "swearing" nor "vulgar".  I was simply suggesting Dossy
> admit he made a mistake, and move on.

I thought I did this.  Matter of fact, I did this while driving in the
car on vacation because I knew it was important and I didn't want the
discussion to continue without it being said.

I made a mistake.  Can we move on, now?

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    | I'm currently away on vacation this week (in Ocean City, MD) and writing
    | long emails on the Treo isn't exactly fun, so I'll keep this short:
    | 1. It's my fault that 4.5 has the pools/limits functionality. I didn't
    |    do a good enough job communicating to everyone about the change. I
    |    haven't done a good enough job organizing the direction of the
    |    project in general. I'm very sorry about this.
    | 2. 4.5 is a major dot-release from 4.0.  Matter of fact, we skipped
    |    4.1--4.4 to indicate the magnitude of change that the 4.5 release
    |    tree will represent. We are long overdue for significant technical
    |    improvements to AOLserver. I, however, do not want this to leave
    |    people behind. In time, I do hope to see both a migration guide and
    |    backwards compat. code to be authored to ease transition.  4.5.0 is
    |    really bleeding edge--sorry.
    | 3. This project really could use more contributors. Especially a
    |    semi-serious tech. writer would be a huge help. How do you attract a
    |    tech. writer to contribute to an open source project? Suggestions?
    | I'll go through all the good suggestions and comments in this email
    | thread when I'm back in front of a real keyboard, but I didn't want my
    | silence to appear as indifference in the matter: I care a great deal and
    | really think if we can get people excited again, we can start seeing
    | real progress.
    | -- Dossy

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