>> On Aug 3, 2007, at 9:39 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>> Please watch the vulgar language - there's simply no need for it.
>>> And precisely who are you to say so?
>> A member of the community. I'll repeat what he said: please stop
>> swearing at and insulting people.
> Tom Jackson swore.
> I used the phrase "I f***** up", which in my part of the world, at least,
> isn't considered "swearing" nor "vulgar".  I was simply suggesting Dossy
> admit he made a mistake, and move on.

Not to jump in the middle of this, but didn't Dossy admit to making a
mistake (I believe in a mailing he made from his car)?

Best I can tell the 4.5 release is a development release (there were a
few coding changes I needed to make for Uptime and Myturl) and 4.0.x is
a stable release.  Perhaps that has not been communicated well and,
well, communication seems to be a problem on many Open Source projects.

I think I am current in making the following statements (feel free to
correct me if I am wrong):

1. 4.5 is a development release.  There are some radical changes to it
that may or may not be a good idea.  Input and evaluation is needed from
the community before it is put into a stable release, say AOLserver 5.0.

2. Better communication, documentation, and planning is needed moving
forward.  I don't think this has ever really happened on for AOLserver,
so it continues to be an issue.

3. It might be beneficial to look at the Naviserver software and bring
in some of those ideas for the development release of the next version
of AOLserver and/or visa-versa.  Once again, community communication is
needed here.

4. AOLserver needs a better roadmap and plan going forward.

5. This appears to be more of an oversight than action of a small group
bent on keeping things "their own".

The real question, I guess, is how move to forward and improve the
process, make things better, and contribute code? On the coding front, I
have very little time but I would be willing to contribute a bit of time
in making the process and communication better if others from either
side want to help.  I just don't have to time and contribute as a lone wolf.

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