> On Aug 3, 2007, at 9:39 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> Please watch the vulgar language - there's simply no need for it.
>> And precisely who are you to say so?
> A member of the community. I'll repeat what he said: please stop
> swearing at and insulting people.

Tom Jackson swore.

I used the phrase "I f***** up", which in my part of the world, at least,
isn't considered "swearing" nor "vulgar".  I was simply suggesting Dossy
admit he made a mistake, and move on.

> And from my point of view, all the people
> who are being so completely rude have not done nearly as much for
> aolserver as the people on the other end of it.

True, though I suspect that people using my project represent the majority
of people using AOLserver.

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