Howdy folks,

Seems like we're having another flare-up of frustration on the list...

I left AOL about a year ago and haven't had much time to contribute since. I probably wrote (re-wrote and wrote again) 90% of the code and had several teams hacking Tcl code for dozens of AOL web sites over the past 12 years. I think it's a fair criticism we often talked to ourselves within AOL instead of soliciting feedback outside. Why? I don't know -- maybe because we thought the scale of our operations made us different, more likely we were just lazy or distracted -- I think most of my time at AOL took the form of "please enter your meeting id number followed by the pound sign...".

Anyway, I've spent some time with LAMPP recently -- quite clever all that PHP/MySql stuff. To compare, AOLserver

-- Still has a scalable architecture and good underlying code quality
-- Is tightly woven with Tcl which appears less and less popular each year (I could be wrong) -- Is lacking many extensions or has cruddy alternatives (e.g., ns_http instead of curl)
-- Has horrible, incomplete, and often misleading documentation
-- Isn't so easy to install and configure

while lampp:

-- Has great documentation with threaded discussions
-- Relies on PHP which, fair or unfair, appears quite popular
-- Has possibly too many overlapping extensions
-- Is hard to install and configure unless you're using that xampp stuff

I'm wondering -- does it make sense to just try to close the gap with LAMPP as a model, driving to the "batteries-included" distro Dossy's been talking about for years? That seems to me like a project tons of folks could contribute too -- from docs to extensions to installers, etc.


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