Op Sun, 2 Sep 2007, schreef Dossy Shiobara:

> On 2007.09.01, Tom Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Why don't we have an idea-raiser? Maybe it is a common disease among 
> > programmers: writing code is apparently the only thing which counts. 
> Ideas are easy to come by; doing--or, getting people to do--is the hard
> part.  One easy way to get people to do stuff is to pay them.  There's
> no point in throwing ideas around if there's nobody--or, no funds to pay
> somebody--to do anything.
> If you have suggestions on ways to get people to do stuff for free, I'd
> love to hear them.  Better yet: I'd like you to DO whatever it is you
> think will make it happen.

Documentation certainly needs to be improved, we need a "batteries 
included" installation process, etc., but let us first create some 
conditions for a more active community. Currently, the way to contribute 
is to stick your neck out. The project needs to move to a model where 
users just need to stick their finger in.

Example: Years ago I did contribute code: A reasonably simple patch to 
make AOLserver use the sendfile system call on Linux instead of 
read/write. It was ignored. Not because of bad intentions, but simply 
because all code had to go through Kriston and was burried in e-mails and 
to do lists.

The bureaucracy of contributing needs to be reduced.

I agree a package like Trac can help by providing Wikis and forums. I'd 
prefer OpenACS over Trac (replacing OpenACS by Sourceforge has IMO been 
the worst decision in AOLserver history), but it's a good thing that 
something happens here, the tool is of less importance. So, let's do this. 
If you need help, or want me to install/maintain such a package, please 
say so, as I'm willing to contribute.

Simply installing a package won't do though, it has to be part of a 
strategy to make the community more active, make it easier to contribute. 

I suggest:
 * A low bureacracy way to contribute patches is built, perhaps using Trac 
   or OpenACS
 * Active AOLserver users get SVN access and can peer review and apply 
 * Getting SVN access shouldn't be difficult.

Daniël Mantione

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