Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the additional feedback. Comments inline below.


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Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the feedback. Please see comments inline below.


On August 5, 2017 at 10:55:58 AM, Gregg Vanderheiden GPII (
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I Know that this is just a snapshot of code that is still being written and
is not fully debugged.

So these are just notes to help you in that process.

Bugs found in this early code:

On my computer (mac) and chrome   Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build)
the following happens

   - on installation - it did not ask me to install the dictionary.   I
   have Click2speech installed but not the dictionary.

It looks like the notification system used when installing CRX files is
different than when loading an unpacked extension. In the latter case, the
notifications appear in chrome and you get one for each missing extension.
In the former case they appear as OS level notifications and only one
appears. I tried this using macOS, so the experience may be different on
other platforms. I have filed GPII-2523
<https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2523> for it.

I used a mac - but didn’t see it.  Maybe looking in the wrong place.

So seems that this may be the result of the some resent changes in Chrome
60 over prior versions. Even when loading the unpacked extension I’m
getting the OS notification. We actually fire two notifications, one for
each missing plugin. It seems that the second one is replacing the first
one. At least that’s how it looked when I just tried it this time. Will
need to do some further investigation.

   - when I click on the G - down comes a text size control.   When I hit +
      - - the first time it jammed   and then somehow when into a spin
      where it kept showing different Chrome windows (web pages) I had open in
      rapid succession
      - - when I tried to replicate I could not replicate the rapid window
      changing but it did jam every time — freezing Chrome unless I moved to
      another program and back
      - - I restarted chrome and got same consistent freezing
      - - RESTARTING THE COMPUTER - solved the problems

Not sure what caused this. If you or anyone else can reproduce the issue,
please let me know what steps you took to install, what applications were
running, what tabs were open, and anything else that might help track down
the cause.

It was weird — but we should talk about restarting the computer maybe - as
a precaution to clean up anything strange?

Other things noted once it was running

   - the back and forth arrows do not work yet

This is being worked on in Infusion under FLUID-5534


   Each time you open it it is back at the first item so you have to keep
   scanning to whichever item you want to tweak it
      -  I think it would be useful to have a series of icons at the bottom
      or top that would jump you to whichever control you want. That way each
      time you opened it it would only be two clicks to get whatever thing you
      wanted turned on or off. One click to jump to it in one click to operate
      it. (Four clicks overall counting the opening and closing)
      -  also it might make sense to have it open up again at the same
      control that the individual last used since that is most likely
the control
      they will want to use next

Interesting ideas. I’ll mention those to Dana.


   -  I noticed that  “text-to-speech” at this time just enables “click to
   speech”. So we need to turn on the speech in “click to speech” and leave it
   on in order for the on-off switch to work in UIO+. I understand that that
   is how it has to work for now. I am simply noting it here for anyone else
   who tries it and thinks it’s broken when it doesn’t seem to work. They just
   need to find the “click to speech” extension and turn speech on and leave
   it on.

Thanks for the note on that, it’s good to mention.

So -

     can you remind me what you have down as the final (or initial)
   decision as to what would activate the text-to-speech? My memory is that we
   decided it should be a right click rather than a left click as in “click to
   speech”, or did we decide that conflicted with something. Or do we decide
   that it should be user-specified? That was a more informal session so we
   don’t have a document like we usually do now for things like that. Thanks

For the initial work on GPII-2430 we decided to go with a small “toolbar”
injected into the web page for play/pause reading of the content. Also
included would be a feature to read the selected text. In this case after a
user selects some text a play button would popup over it and the user would
click on that to have the text synthesized.


    You might reverse the order of the highlight control and the contrast
   control. I think a lot of people will see the highlight control and think
   it’s the contrast control. So I would put the contrast control first and
   the  highlight control later on.   the contrast control is also more

I’ve made this change in my branch of the work, moving it between
dictionary and selection highlight. If there are other changes to the order
needed, please let me know.


   1. Text size
   2. Line spacing
   3. Contrast
   4. Click to select
   5. Selection Highlight
   6. Text to speech
   7. Simplify
   8. Table of Contents
   9. Enhanced Input
   10. Dictionary

Rationale  (dictionary last because you don’t turn that on or off or adjust
it often)

I would put simplify and TOC first since one uses those a lot - but if
simplify is iffy now - we can leave it later
- but if we add the quick jump buttons on the bottom - and having it open
where it was last closed - it makes order less important for efficiency -
and more related to logic.

I’ve reordered the adjusters based on your suggestions. Regarding the
reopening, I’ve filed a similar issue against Infusion

Oh - one other thing.    When you click it doesn’t open right away.    I
found myself clicking a second time (closing it before it opened)     It
would  be good if you can make it  *instantly* open when clicked - Even if
it opens blank at first and then fills in

Investigating. There seems to be a brief delay for the JS file to load.


 Thanks Justin. Nice to see it coming along.

On Aug 4, 2017, at 1:10 PM, Obara, Justin <job...@ocadu.ca> wrote:

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, I’ve been working on UIO+, a browser extension to extend
the adaptation capabilities of GPII into the browser context using Fluid
Infusion’s UI Options as a foundation. As we move towards the pre-pilots
and pilot stages, I thought it useful to share my current work out for
initial testing and feedback.

I have put up a packaged
of my current work for the UIO+ browser extension as a CRX file attached to
the GPII-2424 <https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2424> JIRA. There is
still more work to do on integration with GPII ( See: GPII-2501
<https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2501>  and more features that we will
add over time. However, this represents the latest work on UIO+ extension,
for which a Pull Request
<https://github.com/GPII/gpii-chrome-extension/pull/2> has been issued.

Please feel free to comment on the JIRA
<https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2424>, PR
<https://github.com/GPII/gpii-chrome-extension/pull/2>, or replying to this
thread with any feedback you may have.

Installation instructions below.



   - Download UIO_6991126ece2f4566e2894dbc6d23ba6aba6e1d14.crx
   - In Chrome, navigate to the extensions page chrome://extensions
   - Drag and drop the CRX file onto the extensions page
   - Accept the install
      - It will prompt you to install the Google Dictionary and
      click2speech browser extensions if they are not currently installed
      - It will add the “GPII Chrome Extension” to your list of browser
      - A “G” icon will be added to Chrome, which you can click on to open
      the UIO+ panel


   - In Chrome, navigate to the extensions page chrome://extensions
   - Find the “GPII Chrome Extension” and click the delete button


A detailed set of testing instructions can be found on the Pull Request

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