Hi Alan,

Thanks for reviewing the extension. I looked into the issue you mentioned about 
the text size and the focus shifting between the tabs. I was not able to 
reproduce the issue. I made sure to add 16 tabs to my chrome instance, but did 
not notice focus moving at all. Which version of Chrome are you using? Maybe it 
has something to do with content that is open in one or more of your tabs?


On August 8, 2017 at 2:03:47 PM, Harnum, Alan 
(ahar...@ocadu.ca<mailto:ahar...@ocadu.ca>) wrote:

Hey Justin,

This is really neat work, one quick impressions here on OS X…

  1.  I currently have 16 open Chrome windows (yeah, I know); using the Text 
Size increase/decrease causes a visible focus jump between all of them for each 
click, even clicks in rapid succession. It might be good to batch this or 
similar for clicks in rapid succession, or do it as a background task for the 
non-focused window; I'm not sure what is possible.
  2.  Per point 1, I think the effect provided by the Line Spacing increase is 
much preferable when dealing with many open windows – it doesn't bring them 
into focus. This may be because of the use of the browser zoom function for 
Text Size vs. what I assume is a global style sheet for Line Spacing.

From: Architecture 
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Date: Friday, August 4, 2017 at 1:10 PM
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Architecture" <architecture@lists.gpii.net<mailto:architecture@lists.gpii.net>>
Subject: [Architecture] Test build of the UIO+ browser extension

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, I’ve been working on UIO+, a browser extension to extend the 
adaptation capabilities of GPII into the browser context using Fluid Infusion’s 
UI Options as a foundation. As we move towards the pre-pilots and pilot stages, 
I thought it useful to share my current work out for initial testing and 

I have put up a 
 version of my current work for the UIO+ browser extension as a CRX file 
attached to the GPII-2424<https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2424> JIRA. There 
is still more work to do on integration with GPII ( See: 
GPII-2501<https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-2501>  and more features that we 
will add over time. However, this represents the latest work on UIO+ extension, 
for which a Pull Request<https://github.com/GPII/gpii-chrome-extension/pull/2> 
has been issued.

Please feel free to comment on the 
PR<https://github.com/GPII/gpii-chrome-extension/pull/2>, or replying to this 
thread with any feedback you may have.

Installation instructions below.



  *   Download 
  *   In Chrome, navigate to the extensions page chrome://extensions
  *   Drag and drop the CRX file onto the extensions page
  *   Accept the install
     *   It will prompt you to install the Google Dictionary and click2speech 
browser extensions if they are not currently installed
     *   It will add the “GPII Chrome Extension” to your list of browser 
     *   A “G” icon will be added to Chrome, which you can click on to open the 
UIO+ panel


  *   In Chrome, navigate to the extensions page chrome://extensions
  *   Find the “GPII Chrome Extension” and click the delete button


A detailed set of testing instructions can be found on the Pull 
Architecture mailing list

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