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> Debian's approach of this isn't really ethical.
> Anyone has the freedom of install installing propitiatory software even
> non tech users.
> Including non-free software in the repository is insisting/proposing
> users, especially non tech ones, to give up their freedom for simplicity
> without understanding the importance of them and the technical problems
> that non free/libre software brings (a good example of that is the game
> modding community).
> Mainstreams users like you seem to refer to them are what makes software
> and hardware go in decadence.
> I don't say that they are directly concerned, but it is how their were
> treated like, that made them what they are now and ask the same bad
> products.
> If you continue to give them what they are made of the project will
> slowly become like them and only enforce the already bad circle.

I understand you say.

I also prefer libre games, but the quality of these games are usually
low (projects are very small and without money, I understand it and
I'm not criticizing that games).

My idea is similar to the idea of Luke, when you go to download a
proprietary game, you will be warned that it is a proprietary game
and its consequences.

In my opinion, the problem of libre software is not the existence of
proprietary software. The problem is that developers barely get
economic benefits doing libre software. Maybe we should think
about how developers can make profits doing libre software.

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