On 10/15/16, J.B. Nicholson <j...@forestfield.org> wrote:
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> It's entirely possible something has changed and I am not aware of relevant
> updates on this (I don't doubt you're in touch with them far more than I
> am). Please do reply to the list with updates to this situation.

 i'm not - they're extremely limited on resources and time, so i keep
communication to a minimum.

> In https://www.gnu.org/distros/common-distros.html we find the following
> objection, "Debian also provides a repository of nonfree software.
> According to the project, this software is "not part of the Debian system,"
> but the repository is hosted on many of the project's main servers, and
> people can readily find these nonfree packages by browsing Debian's online
> package database and its wiki".

 ... which is why i proposed an HTTP-redirect-and-rewrite style split
that would appear seamless and transparent (appearing to be a "single
site") for many years.  the wiki however would be a problem that would
need careful and comprehensive review... but if steps are never taken,
even small ones, zero progress will ever be made.


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