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>> Debian's approach of this isn't really ethical.
>> Anyone has the freedom of install installing propitiatory software even
>> non tech users.
>> Including non-free software in the repository is insisting/proposing
>> users, especially non tech ones, to give up their freedom for simplicity
>> without understanding the importance of them and the technical problems
>> that non free/libre software brings (a good example of that is the game
>> modding community).
>> Mainstreams users like you seem to refer to them are what makes software
>> and hardware go in decadence.
>> I don't say that they are directly concerned, but it is how their were
>> treated like, that made them what they are now and ask the same bad
>> products.
>> If you continue to give them what they are made of the project will
>> slowly become like them and only enforce the already bad circle.
> I understand you say.
> I also prefer libre games, but the quality of these games are usually
> low (projects are very small and without money, I understand it and
> I'm not criticizing that games).
without money ?
Why not ask some devs of some project to finance it via your platform ?
Like a crowdfunding ?
Their was freedom sponsor
I tried to contact some people because someone was proposing cmyk
support for gimp and I wanted to participate for that but I had no response.
> My idea is similar to the idea of Luke, when you go to download a
> proprietary game, you will be warned that it is a proprietary game
> and its consequences.
> In my opinion, the problem of libre software is not the existence of
> proprietary software. The problem is that developers barely get
> economic benefits doing libre software. Maybe we should think
> about how developers can make profits doing libre software.
Imo the problem is the monopoly of Enormous entities like EA and more.
These entities are the reasons why devs anc content creators don't have
more economical benefits instead of the people who worked on it it goes
to the investors.

Their is a solution to that and you can make libre software at the same
I don't remember who said that but this (maybe someone at red-hat IDR)
is what comes in my mind when you want to pay for free software.
"You don't sell free software, you work around it"

This is a very interesting idea, instead of paying once a game you could
make a small monthly payment to have the services (bug correction, more
features etc..) , of course you need to have a lot of
participant/customers in that.

Another one witch is also a compromise that I come up with.
Is that since all video games are ephemera (1 or 2 years) what you can
do is to sell the content of it and releases the software/sources under
free/libre licence and when you have made/reached the estimate amount of
money or more you can release under copyleft the content of the game
(art etc...).

To my knowledge the last propitiatory game engine that was released
under GPL in 2016 was serious sam (2001)

Witch is one of the very rare games who's licence changed to copyleft.
It is sad to see such old software to be released just now and their are
even older software that where never released and even lost.

For example the source code of "homeworld cataclysm" has been lost that
is why their was no remake of it a few months ago.

The lifetime of a game also depends of the community, just look at the
fallout community witch I participated myself a long time ago, mods are
still made on that.
The tools to correct bugs are not the best, it isn't really correction,
but they managed to do it.

For example this mod witch is a obligation to play fallout 3 without
much trouble:
The number of corrections is just ludicrous.

Do you think this is normal that Bethesda didn't made all these corrections?
Can you imagine if the modding community legally had the sources code,
correct tools and could legally make changes ?

A living example of that is Open Morrowind the full-featured
reimplementation of the Morrowind engine.

I have been part of the gaming community since 2003, I have stopped two
years ago to concentrate my objectives on my migration on free/libre

I discovered the power of a community twice.
First when I discovered free/libre software.
The second is re-discovery of the real potential of the modding
community in games.

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