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>Yes, our idea is to support all that.

That's great to hear.

>As I said above, it may be interesting to launch a EOMA68-A20
>completely libre with this type of software. Without proprietary
>drivers for the GPU to be completely free.

If the ZEOMA will "just plug it in" and work with an EOMA68-A20 cards on offer, 
meaning the drivers provided by the OS can run the screen, wi-fi, etc., then I 
think it is already over half-way done! For instance, I'd just need to install 
the Xorg Joystick driver or make it automatically launch EmulationStation. 
EmulationStation can be configured to launch any libre games practicable. I've 
been experimenting with Zeroinstall for fetching games or versions that are not 
in repos.

Solarwolf runs well on as low as 1 Ghz processors without any 3D acceleration. 
Freedink is probably a good candidate, too. I haven't tried many libre games on 
low-powered hardware so this list needs expansion. Also, games with no built-in 
joystick support will require extra accommodations.

Of course, someone would need to put in the work to derive a pre-configured 
gaming ISO from a Debian or Parabola base. This could be sold on eoma68 cards 
or put on a "specially prepared" SD card to flash eoma cards. If anyone can 
offer some expertise in this area, please chime in.

P.S. I'd like to thank and welcome GaCuest to this mailing list. I had heard 
the ubrewit-zeoma project was a little hard to reach. Collaboration between 
these two communities should be beneficial.
Eric Duhamel
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