Fizbin wrote: 
> Hiss is not appealing to me at all, so it's not that. I absolutely
> loathed cassette, even before CD's came out. Most vinyl seems to be EQed
> just right, while CD's wildly vary...many of them being "brickwalled".
> But it should be mentioned that I've heard a lot of remastered vinyl
> that have very poor EQ as well...some of them sounding no better than
> CD's. And to be fair, some CD's are just plain better. I heard a Genesis
> Abacab German CD the other day that slaughters the least the
> pressings I've heard.
> But overall I just find the mastering on many LP's superior. Supertramp
> Crime of the Century is a good example. To my ears there isn't one good
> sounding digital recording of it. The MFSL CD, that so many gush over,
> is the worst I've ever heard.

Ever hear of listener bias?  It is likely that you like the sound of
vinyl because you like the sound of vinyl, pure and simple.  Nothing
wrong with that, but it makes no sense to try to give cosmic meaning to
one's personal preferences.

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