left side

manoel de guiar - maria de pimentel

his parents - José Aguiar - Nordestinho + Josefa Perreira - Nordestinho

his birth - May 7, 1788 -  Nordestinho, Nordeste

his christening - May 20, 1788 - Igreja de São Pedro, Nordestinho, Nordeste

marriage - December 2, 1812 - Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, Água 

her parents - António de Pimentel - Faial da Terra + Antónia Marguisa - Faial 
da Terra

her birth - November ?, 1793 - Faial da Terra

her christening - November 30, 1793 - Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça, Faial 
da Terra

i'm taking a wild guess on this translation

please correct my mistakes

what is the word after maria de pimentel and before filha  

i could not find a baptism for maria

where would i look for manoel and maria's deaths?

thank you


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