> > You'd pay $30 and up for an album on CD? Are you mad?
> > 
> > I suppose you do get a convenient hard copy backup too...
> Apple won't be changing the album price.

Not the point I was making. Ian was saying he'd pay $3 for an un DRMed
high quality track; which is a *silly price* when you compare it to the
cost of buying a physical instantiation of the same music. 

If people *do* start paying silly money for what can be marketed as a
'luxury' version of the product, then... Well. You'll end up with a DRM
underclass of people who can't afford free data. Pyhrric victory, innit?

Dave lab66 - I'm sure you make similar good points in your email but it
has come through with little whitespace and is near illegible. Might be
a problem with your client?


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