> What does this mean in regard to the next Manifestation, who will have to
> present Himself to the House of Justice?

Dear David,

The only thing I presume about the coming of the next Manifestation is that
it won't be as we expect it.

> I thought all Manifestations were supposed to come from the East.  Am I
> misled about this?

I think that is pretty much a Baha'i myth. The Qur'an says there is no
people to whom a Prophet has not been sent. I presume that means the West as
well as the East.

 Is the evidence that Quetzelcoatl lived strong, as I've
> heard that it's not universally agreed that he ever existed, and when he
> lived isn't clear.

There is no universal agreement that Krishna ever existed either.

warmest, Susan

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