>>The only thing I presume about the coming of the next Manifestation is that
it won't be as we expect it.
I heard a talk from Dr. Muin Afnani on the subject and he said he thought he knew two things about the next Manifestation of God, first that He will suffer more than Baha'u'llah, and second that His main proof will not be His Book.  Presumably this was gleaned from untranslated Persian and Arabic Tablets.
Either way, I hope this doesn't sound rude but, I find the idea (of some) that the Universal House of Justice will recognize the next Manifestation to be incredibly shallow.

>>I think that is pretty much a Baha'i myth. The Qur'an says there is no
people to whom a Prophet has not been sent. I presume that means the West as
well as the East.
I thought there was a passage in Gleanings which states that all of the Prophets have come from the Holy Land.  Of course, this may not preclude Messengers.

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