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Obviously 'Abdu'l-Baha's statements should have authority, and I'm having
difficulty seeing why His statements shouldn't be read to indicate that all
Manifestations have come from the East.

Dear David,

The statements in this case are mostly oral talks, in other words, pilgrim notes in which case they don't have authority.

Would His original audience have had

much interest in the West, and does the Qur'an mention any Western Prophets?

The Qur'an mentions no prophets that the people listening to it would not have been aware of. The same thing is true of the Baha'i Writings.

Just out of interest, what makes you think Quetzelcoatl was a Prophet?  As
far as I know, no writings or sayings exist, which would seem to make it
difficult to form a solid opinion about the man

I'm basing it on the story of Quetzecoatyl which appears to me to be a perfect example of what a Manifestation is supposed to be.

warmest, Susan
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