I am running with 4.1.22-ti-rt-r59 and followed the instructions here 
http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardDebian#SGX_BeagleBone.2FBeagleBone_Black on 
how to install the SGX drivers.

All seems ok (no error while installing the GFX package) , until I got to 
check that the omaplfb and pvrsrvkm had loaded correctly.

root@beaglebone:~# lsmod | grep omaplfb
root@beaglebone:~# lsmod | grep omap
omap_rng                4350  0
rng_core                7433  1 omap_rng
spi_omap2_mcspi        10673  0
root@beaglebone:~# lsmod | grep pvrsrvkm
pvrsrvkm              378818  0

It doesn't look like omaplfp is loaded.

What would be your suggestion to debug why omaplfp did not load?


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