Hello Learned group,

I have a BBB with Debian version 2017-03-19, the latest release as far as I 
know, with a 4D systems display. I have made a Python script using TkInter, 
running fine on another BBB system with an older Debian version.
I made a simple testscript using TkInter as well. Running the testscript 
form XTerm or UXTerm (what is the difference?) works: a simple window pops 
Running the same from Debian bash directly displays the well known error 
above. I googled a lot but no answer found yet.
The older system with similar software runs fine from autostart. Maybe I 
need to do here as well? I can not find autostart in the lastest Debian 
version: it must be in a different directory that I know of.
Finally: if I run the original script (running fine on the older system) I 
just get a blank screen and system halts.
Hope you can help me out.
Many thanks in advance,

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