Man in a van wrote: 
> Hi BR,
> Edo on the SBT gives 24/192 max on both spdif outputs.
> Looking at the spec for your receiver I can see no USB input which would
> be needed for DSD in direct form.
> One of the cheapest DSD dacs that work with the SBT usb output is 'this
> ' (
> There are lots more if you google.
> Ignore the people who tell you not to bother as you are only buying
> padded out files :p;):D.
> Enjoy your music.
> If you are in the UK pm me and I can post a couple for you to try (if
> your not in a hurry :) ).
> atb
> ronnie

Hi Ronnie and thanks for your answer.

I was looking at the ifi, both Nano and Micro (I see that the micro
supports up to DSD512, but that's probably overkill).

As I really don't have much money to spend right now I was also
wondering about one of 'these'
(or similar) from ebay, but being Chinese, I worry about the quality.

Can anyone give any advice regarding the Soxr settings?


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