I've been struggling with my server for several weeks with unexpected
crashes several times every day, and in some cases automatic restarts.
The only clue I had was the "GDResizer.pm", similar as cbondeson found
in the logfiles. First thing I did was to install the 7.9 server, the
previous version I used was many years old, but that did not solve
anything. Failsafe mode or database rebuild from the control panel did
not solve the issue. 

The solution that now seems to work was to clear the whole
Cache-directory and let the server build this from scratch.

The size of C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\Cache was 6.4GB! I renamed the
Cache directory and the server rebuilt everything, new size after build
is now only 98MB...

I guess there are better way to rebuild the Cache directory than
removing it completely, but I didn't found any other way. Largest file
before rebuild was "artwork.db" (5300MB). Some of the settings on the
IRblaster plugin was lost.

Hope this helps for others as well.

cbondeson wrote: 
> 16-09-03 19:37:43.8506] Slim::Utils::Misc::msg (1244) Warning:
> [19:37:43.8503] Perl interpreter failed at
> /<C:\PROGRA~2\SQUEEZ~1\server\SqueezeSvr.exe>Slim/Utils/GDResizer.pm
> line 165.
> Same error after every attempt to play.
> LogitechMediaServer-7.9.0-1472937447 @ Sat Sep 3 21:26:49 CUT 2016
> Same error with a previous version:
> LogitechMediaServer-7.9.0-1469176740
> Environment: Windows 10, 16 GB memory, Intel
> Rescanned music and error is gone.. Ah well
> Played for over an hour and then the same error..argh

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