mherger wrote: 
> > Nevertheless the server.log still shoes these dispatching errors:
> In future posting please copy/paste log entries as text, rather then 
> uploading a screenshot. It's simpler, faster, and saves lots of bytes. 
> And most of all I can read them in the mail and don't have to visit the 
> web based forum :-).
> > Can they be ignored?
> I've mentioned this twice in this discussion: there must be some 
> controller software running in your environment trying to control a 
> player which is no longer connected. If this shows up after you've 
> powered down a player, then this is totally normal. But as you've pasted
> this kind of log several times, I wonder how often you have players 
> disappear.
> -- 
> Michael

OK, I will paste text in the future.
I use several iOS devices with iPeng as mobile player. Of course these
devices are disconnected when I leave my home with my iPhone for
example. Also the iPads disconnect from wifi when they are not in use.
Can these iOS devices cause the log entries? Is there a way to switch on
a kind of enhanced logging for identifying the player(s) causing these

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