On 12/03/2012 03:14 AM, Baho Utot wrote:
> I have just completed KDE 4.9.1 and it generally works well.
> I am using Beyond Linux® From Scratch - Version 2012-09-25, which I will
> update to the latest after I complete this desktop build.   The
> configuration went well and  have the sound working.  I have not built
> the KDE Additional Packages
> There is the following few problems to work out...
> DVD drive doesn't show up in /dev, this may be due to the kernel as I am
> using the default kernel as I used make defconfig to configure it when I
> build LFS 7.2.  I don't know if the kernel configuration is correct, I
> will make a custom kernel for this machine after I get the rest of KDE
> built.  So I will visit this later.
> USB drives also don't show up in the device notifier although usb drives
> do show up in /dev and I can mount them using root.  This I would like
> to get working but it is not real high on the list of things to get working.
> The NetworkManager in this version of the book causes the following
> problem when configuring/building Kde-workspace 4.9.1...
> -- Sorry, networkmanager-0.7 will not be built since your NetworkManager
> version ( is not currently supported
> -- Will build networkmanager_fake-0.9
> Anyone know what version of NetworkManager works?
> I tried to dig through the cmake files but I have not found where the
> version of NetworkManager is tested for.  I did a grep on the source but
> it returned too much hay in which to find the needle.  So I did a Google
> and it returned
>       message(STATUS "Will build networkmanager-0.7")
>       add_subdirectory(networkmanager-0.7)
>     else()
>       message(STATUS "Sorry, networkmanager-0.7 will not be built since
> your NetworkManager version (${NETWORKMANAGER_VERSION}) is not currently
> supported")
>         message(STATUS "Will build networkmanager_fake-0.9")
>         add_subdirectory(networkmanager_fake-0.9)
>       endif ()
>     endif()
> macro_log_feature(HAVE_NETWORKMANAGER "NetworkManager" "A daemon for
> user controlled networking"
> "http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager"; FALSE "0.7.0" "Needed for
> building Network Management support in Solid. Max version supported is
> 0.8.10"
> So it looks like version > 6.9 and < 8.10 is needed not what is in the book.

There is seperate applet for that. I wouldn't recommend downgrading 

> KDM crashes and this is my concern.  Currently I am starting KDE from a
> user login followed the book on setting up .xinitrc
> and then doing a startx, which works well.  Trying to start KDM from
> root login on tty1 it tries to start as the screen flashes like xorg is
> starting but then something goes south.  I don't have strace built just
> yet so I could not attempt that.
> Before I get down and dirty looking into KDM crashing does any one have
> any pointers or easy things to check?
> Thanks

Do you have PAM installed?
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