On 23/02/2018 07:48, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
>> [...]

> In any case, I'm OK with dropping qtwebkit,  I can also live with dropping
> qtwebengine and qupzilla.  We have five other graphical browsers and three
> text browsers.

We shouldn't drop qupzilla, unless we drop LXQt too. But I like them both.
The silly thing is that if you want chromium and qupzilla, you build the
chromium/blink engine twice (one for qtwebengine, and one for chromium itself).

At least for midori and epiphany, you build webkitgtk only once. Now I am not
sure the WebKit engine is the best one compared to gecko/mozilla and chromium.

Note that KDE has integrated qupzilla into their projects, under the name
falkon. Plasma integration of falkon is one of the projects for google summer
of code.

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