tldr; : I think we can happily drop qtwebkit and kdewebkit - but I
have not built kdenlive, libkcddb, k3b (I have no use for them).
Plasma does work, and in some ways is less annoying than it used to
be.  But the default 'fade the windows' and 'maximise when at top
edge' are still annoying and I can't imagine I will ever willingly
use it as a normal desktop.

Background / why

I noticed that qtwebkit is stuck at 5.9.0.  A bit of searching
suggests that development has stopped, links to packages using it
are either defunct or incorrect (QupZilla was mentioned, but that
now uses QtWebEngine).  I found somebody claiming to be working on
it nearly a year ago, but nothing since then.

And I can remember that from time to time one of the (gnome/fedora)
devs has complained about the number of vulnerabilities in old
versions of webkit, with particular mention of qtwebkit.

So I thought I would try doing without it.  Clearly, if this was
going to succeed I would have to do without kdewebkit which is the
kde interface to qtwebkit.

Looking further, I saw old reports that packages using qtwebkit used
phonon, which again seems to be either moribund or perhaps
'completed'.  So I started by also commenting that out.

Local issue - hide static libs

I dislike packages which pull in static libs from other packages.
If there is a vulnerability, I want to know what needs to be rebuilt
do I rename libfoo.a to libfoo.a.hidden in my functions to clean up
at the end of a package.  For kde there were many places where I had
been doing htis, but I figured it was time to comment those all out
so I could determine if they were really needed.

In practice, the main one in kf5 used to be libKF5XsltKde.a and
AFAICS that no longer exists.

Building -

So, I started the build.  Got as far as knotifications, that needs
Phonon4Qt5 so I reinstated phonon and its backends, resumed.

Along the way, users of libQt5UiTools.a,
libQt5FontDatabaseSupport.a, libQt5ThemeSupport.a,
libQt5EventDispatcherSupport.a needed to have those again made
available.  But in the end the build of kf5 and plasma completed
without any problems from webkit not being present.

Runtime tests of plasma and applications -

I don't build all the kde applications in the book, but I build the
following - some of these are not actually in the book, but
accessible via 'Further KDE5 packages'.

ark : seems to work, I can look into archives.

dolphin : works - when I clicked on an xcf file from the gimp, it
tried to open it with okular (!) which gave me a notification that
it couldn't open it, and a sound to alert me.  Selecting a raw photo
file (.rw2) and telling it to use gwenview worked.

dragon : plays movie clips, volume control on the side of its window

gwenview : also works with jpegs.

kate : works.

kcalc : works.

kcharselect : works.

khelpcenter : works

kmix : I am not sure if this is what gives the volume control in the
'panel' or 'taskbar' at the bottom of the screen.  If it is, it

okular : works with PDFs and .ps files.

Plasma itself works, in particular the System Settings tool (I
eventually managed to get more than one desktop).

So, I'm going to suggest that we can drop both qtwebkit and

This testing was on my A10 Kaveri which is not the fastest of
machines, I think that if I'd got the 'needs static libs' decisions
right then the build would have taken less than 3 hours on top of my
normal desktop.  'startkde' is certainly usable on this machine, it
only takes a few seconds.

I can't tag 'Building KDE Frameworks 5' because I didn't build
kdewebkit or qtwebkit.

I suppose I could tag 'Building Plasma 5' and the applications
mentioned above, except kmix, but I'll probably get accused of
heresy (Sorry, I was watching the Spanish Inquisition Monty Python
clip to test dragon).

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