On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:48:09AM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> kdekebkit is a part of the kf5 libraries.  We've been building all the
> packages in kf5 from the beginning.  Actually it is very small.  It only has
> 19 files (5 cpp and 6 h files).  It is essentially a wrapper around
> QtWebKit.  I do not know of anything that uses it.
> I can find no reference to 'qtweb' in my kf5 log.

Thanks.  With cmake it is often hard to disentangle dependencies.
The bigger problem with kde is that things can fall out of use
without anyone noticing.  I suspect this is an example.

> I do build all the kde apps in the book, but generally only use konsole and
> okular regularly.  At one time I fantasized about making a youtube video
> about LFS using kdenlive.  I never seem to find sufficient time though.  I
> do like k3b for ripping CDs, but don't do that much any more.
> In any case, I'm OK with dropping qtwebkit,  I can also live with dropping
> qtwebengine and qupzilla.  We have five other graphical browsers and three
> text browsers.

Well, I would be ok with dropping chromium, midori, and seamonkey!
But all of those, along with qtwebengine and qupzilla, are
maintained and receiving fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities.

> That said, my initial reaction is to put all of these in the 8.2 release and
> do it soon after when we have six months to sort any issues that may arise.
>   -- Bruce

Yeah, I figured it might be a bit short notice to drop the two I

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