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I am able to build libreoffice-6.3 without trouble [...]

libxml2 generate include files as

setting a symlink as
/usr/include/libxml -> /usr/include/libxm2/libxml
is good enough for libreoffice build to be successful.
I do not have such symlink (and there is a typo in yours) and
libreoffice- built fine:
Thanks for your input.
Typo is just an email typo.
Without that symlink libreoffice is not building properly
(on my side).

while libreoffice is expecting
Where? Why? My --with-system-libxml results in:
checking which libxml to use... external
checking for LIBXML... yes
I have --with-system-libxml too

And I'd expect this to work because of
LIBXML_CFLAGS="-I$usr/include/libxml2" in ./configure and
source including <libxml/*> "from there".
Ok... please correct me if wrong but
I see no "LIBXML_CFLAGS="-I$usr/include/libxml2" reference
within Version 2019-08-15 BLFS book for LibreOffice
This point seems rather important.....
This could explain discrepancy between our build.

What is the BLFS "official line" about this?

If this doesn't work for you, then probably you and libreoffice are
messing around with CFLAGS in some incompatible way!?

Could someone confirm this "hiatus"
I cannot. Though still using glibc-2.29, but that should be unrelated.
I agree...

and should the libxml2 book adjusted accordingly?
I don't think so. I'd rather expect some hint about CFLAGS for
libreoffice to be useful. I used none, just MAKEFLAGS was set.

seen "Linux from scratch" and looking for ISO files

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