On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 06:29:05PM -0400, Jean-Marc Pigeon via blfs-dev wrote:
> > 
> I confirm, configure parameter
> --enable-python=system
> set to
> --enable-python=no
> everything else equal
> Make lxml missing from tarballs and building
> is now successful.
> So we have a deviation from book and then
> other following book specification should have a trouble
> too...
> 1) Are other compiling libreoffice should have the trouble...
>    (confirmed?)
> 2) What should we decide to be set in the book...
>    a) python=no
>    b) python-lxml mandatory
I updated it differently a while ago :
     c) python-lxml recommended

Your distro, your rules.

It appears that without python the build will drop a load of things
which I personally regard as wastes of space, but that the
functionality is likely to be reduced.  A quick glance at the LO
wiki suggest that they are overrun with pythonistas (a common
situation, many people think it is a good scripting language) and
therefore doing without it is, for them, not tested.

It looks as if some capability relating to dictionaries might be
lost, and probably some spreadsheet functionality.  To me, it looks
as if significant testing would be needed to get some idea of what
it will leave out.  Since I only use limited options in writer and
calc it, I don't think I would get a good impression of what will be

As I said earlier, I'll hope to look at that in my own builds, but
it isn't a priority.

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