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Ken Moffat<zarniwh...@ntlworld.com>  wrote:

The internet has a plethora of suggestions for tweaking what happens
in fontconfig.
The quality of on-screen font rendering under Linux has long irked me.
It seems that after I finally get things the way I like, some upgrade
to Freetype or GTK comes along that breaks something. There have been
some really bad releases of Freetype in the past, IMHO.

Anyway, below is my /etc/fonts/local.conf receipe (I'm running Freetype
2.6.3 with Fontconfig-2.11.1) that I like best on my system (so far).
Note that I am unusual in that I use the venerable Type 1 Nimbus fonts
for default on screen rendering. Try my font config, rhubarb pie guy,
and let us know if you like it or if it helps at all. Be sure and
adjust the paths for your case as needed.


   Mike Shell

Thank you for responding and I appreciate the config.conf. Perhaps things differ by box, but your file accentuates what I got with the standard 7.10 fontconfig. It produces fonts bolder than I like. That was the main problem with 7.10 and the new fontconfig; bold became bolder and less crisp.

I'll study your file as I've not used /etc/fonts/local.conf. I've not noticed fontconfig messing up my fonts but perhaps it's been less severe than with the 7.10 fontconfig. It's good to know I can fight back should the problem worsen with future versions of fontconfig.

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