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On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 16:30:57 -0500
rhubarbpie...@gmail.com  wrote:
antialias - Changing the antialias setting from 'true' to 'false' helped
significantly.  The fonts are just a touch 'blotchy' but the bold
problem is eliminated.  However, if I change /etc/fonts/local.conf to
include only an antialias setting the fonts are acceptable.
I'm surprised that a change in fontconfig is causing this. Most of the
time problems in this regard are caused by changes in freetype:


Mote the changes they are doing all the time (e.g., 2.6.5 versus 2.7).

I've encountered a lot of freetype woes like what you are seeing
over the years.

Do you see any differences in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, which is the system
default, for fontconfig? Are you running any of the /etc/fonts/conf.d
stuff in your startup files?

You can try creating copies of the fontconfig files:

cp -a /etc/fonts /etc/fonts-blfs7.9
cp -a /etc/fonts /etc/fonts-blfs7.10

and then overwriting a 7.10 /etc/fonts with that of 7.9 and see if that
corrects the problem with everything else being the same. If so, then
fontconfig did indeed change some of its defaults.

What are the two different versions of fontconfig you are using under
7.9 and 7.10?

Looking at the changelogs:


The only thing that catches my eye for 2.12.1


is at the end:

"Add --with-default-hinting to configure"

Are you sure that you are not running different versions of freetype
as opposed to fontconfig between your 7.9 and 7.10 systems?

   Cheers and thanks,


I can't disagree with your logic. I first suspected fontconfig as I deleted /etc/fonts/fonts.conf while wildly troubleshooting prior to posting and noticed the bold problem disappeared. Unfortunately, deleting that causes other problems.

I thought fontconfig creates /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and the files differ between 7.9 and 7.10. In fact they differ significantly in size. It seems compiling fontconfig is pretty straightforward but I guess there could have been an error I missed. Replacing my BadFonts_7.10 /etc/fonts with my 7.9 version does fix the problem.

I also suspected freetype, but using the old fontconfig worked. I don't understand how to get the freetype version, I see only freetype-config as the installed freetype program.

But if I understand your question, the versions for freetype and fontconfig in my 7.9, BadFonts7.9, and GoodFonts7.9 are:

7.9 BadFonts_7.10 GoodFonts_7.10
----- ----------------------- -------------------------

freetype-config 18.3.12 freetype-config 18.5.12 freetype-config 18.5.12 fontconfig 2.11.1 fontconfig 2.12.1 fontconfig 2.11.1

I've not kept my 7.9 tarballs, but believe I used Freetype 2.63 and Freetype 2.65 with BLFS 7.10. So, yes, I'm using different freetype versions between 7.9 and 7.10. But I'm using the same Freetype between the good and bad fonts versions of 7.10.

I should probably clarify one thing. While my spartan /etc/fonts/local.conf with only an antialias setting fixes the bold problem, my fonts with that fix are very slightly less clear than with my older fontconfig solution.

From checking your suggestions, the question to me is why my /etc/fonts/font.conf files differ so wildly between 7.9 and 7.10. I'll redo X tonight with special attention to my freetype and fontconfig compilations. I must have made an error in one or both. Would an error with freetype affect fontconfig?

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