I've run BLFS 7.10 for several days and noticed less clear fonts than with 7.9. I reinstalled from square one without success and don't see my error.

As a test, I reinstalled BLFS 7.10, but with BLFS 7.9 dejavu and fontconfig packages (dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.35 and fontconfig-2.11.1) and my fonts are fine. So I have a workable solution, but my fix is a workaround. I've kept my bad fonts 7.10 build. How can I pinpoint the problem?

I should mention my BLFS 7.10 fonts weren't terrible, but definitely less clear. And again, my only deviation from the BLFS 7.10 documentation was using 7.9 dejavu and fontconfig packages. It appears the procedures to compile each are unchanged from 7.9.
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