On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 04:30:57PM -0500, rhubarbpie...@gmail.com wrote:
> > For the lcdfilter, try lcdlight or lcdnone in place of lcddefault and see
> > what happens.
> > 
> > Please do let us know if you learn anything in this regard because
> > in the future others will probably run into the same problem.
> > 
> > 
> >     Cheers,
> > 
> >     Mike Shell
> I admire your dedication to this and your concern to help those in the
> future.  My abilities are perhaps somewhat limited, but this is what I've
> found.

Thanks for your comments.  On my development machine (with 7.10) I
played around with a few settings yesterday but found the changes
minimal, although I had a feeling that hintfull improved normal text.

At the moment I'm on another machine, running 7.9 (I've got far too
many fonts available, I want to finish working out which, if any, of
the TTF or OTF fonts in texlive-2016 are useful to me).

On this machine, I already had a fonts.conf :

· rgba was set to none

· hinting was set to true

· hintstyle was set to hintmedium

· antialias was enabled

I've played with turning rgba to rgb, but again it didn't seem to
make any obvious difference.  I then disabled antialias and changed
to hintfull.  On my own example page (with a light blue background)
that possibly improved things.  But then I went to a page of the
book to fix the problem you noted - the font (Liberation Sans 16pt,
according to firefox's preferences) was very grey and indistinct.

Restoring antialias has made it less grey, so more readable.  Now
I'm looking at the hint options, and for grey text on a white
background it appears that no hinting is better (technically I'm
using hintnone for the hintstyle.  BUT: turning off antialias again
made it almost unreadable, so I've re-enabled that.

And I'm getting fed up using killall -HUP firefox (followed by
starting it again) to see the changes, so I'll stop.

It strikes me that there are a number of unknown variables coming
into play here.  The two machines I've used share the same monitor,
and I haven't altered the monitor's settings (turned down to not
burn my eyes out, and to maximise the range of grey shades in
photos) but perhaps there are also other factors involved (apart
from our own eyesight differences).

Anyway ( if anyone is still reading) I'm intending to make
proposals to improve our coverage of TTF and OTF fonts - and
providing examples for altering fontconfig turns out to be an
important part of that, and one where my knowledge is slim.  I'll
welcome any insights.

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