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> Perhaps things differ by box, but your file accentuates what I got with
> the standard 7.10 fontconfig. It produces fonts bolder than I like.
> ...  It's good to know I can fight back should the problem worsen with
> future versions of fontconfig.

In the past, the too-bold-fonts problem has generally been caused by the


but autohinting was disabled in my config.

If you get a chance to investigate, you can delete the various sections
in my config file one at a time until the problem is affected - that will
reveal what has changed. Hinting and autohinting are the prime suspects.

However, in your case, because my hintless config exhibits the problem,
I suspect the problem area is with lcdfilter. For a great overview of
font options, see


For the lcdfilter, try lcdlight or lcdnone in place of lcddefault and see
what happens.

Please do let us know if you learn anything in this regard because
in the future others will probably run into the same problem.


   Mike Shell
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