Cliff McDiarmid wrote:

This is true. I just re-added k3b to the -dev book, but I had to go
to the git version to get it to work.

Resurrected this thread again, to say that I'm building Plasma for the
last time I think, will move to XFCE if this build goes wrong.

Frameworks 5.26.0 is built and the following apps. are running in a
basic xterm - Konsole, Glenview, Kdf, Ark and Dolphin.

Now the build of Plasma and this is where the problem lies, I think,
and always has.  Will report outcome.

This is where building in /opt is really beneficial. Make a copy of /opt/kf5-5.??.0 before building plasma so you can try multiple things without having to rebuild everything.

  -- Bruce

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