Hi Jen,

Another question I have is if you own or rent the house you currently live 

If you own, is it paid off, and if so, what's the likelihood that you can 
obtain a renovation loan, or possibly go through HUD, Fanny May or Freddy 
Mac to see if you qualify for a disbursement.

>From what Claudia has told me, it seems that HUD has quite a line up for 
such benefits, so you may have to go without insurance for a few months 
while the process gets approved, but usually that isn't a problem unless you 
go more than a few years without insurance.

The other question I have is why was there a claim for flooding twice in the 
last year?

Were these two problems related, or were they dealing with two separate 
issues that may have been foreseen?

Not accusing or anything, I'm just curious is all.

If we can be of any other help, don't hesitate to ask.


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